With a large number of compelling media opportunities and a highly engaged audience of young New Zealanders. Sky World is the perfect OOH environment to reach Auckland's younger millennial market.


The Sky World Entertainment Complex

Located adjacent to Aotea Square and across the road from Auckland University of technology (AUT), Sky World occupies one of the most coveted pieces of Queen Street real estate.

The complex adds a bold and uniquely exciting feel to midtown with its dramatic modern architechture and huge range of entertainment and restaurant venues on site. 

Hypermedia has transformed the complex into a energetic media channel through the integration of a number of digital innovations and measurement tools. 

Sky World is now one of the most exciting, targeted and measurable Out of Home channels available to reach Auckland's millennial market.

The Sky World Audience

The complex boasts:

  • Visitation figures of upwards of 14,000 people each day
  • 15,000 commuters and pedestraians passing by on Queen Street.

From a demographic perspective, visitors to the centre are primarily university students 18-25 and young businessmen and women employed in close proximity 26 - 30, however the evenings and weekends also brings in a strong family crowd.